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Lead Generation for Real Estate a Mini Guide

For Real Estate Offline Lead Generation methods really work well (covered below). That said, it doesn't you cannot or shouldn't generate leads for your business online. It just comes down to what works best for you.

Striking Digital Marketing Suite has helped businesses succeed and enhance their existing lead generation pipelines. B2B businesses have had astonishing results with us. B2C efforts have also taken off with our recent developments. So it's worth your time to try our suite and see what works best for your business.

SD marketing suite comes with a lot of options (as seen in the screenshot), to begin with as well as scaling businesses. It has options like generating leads from just the Business Owner name, company owner name, or the domain name etcetera.

Another one that I like in this Lead Generation Software space is Fury Leads, this one is new and this is working out for me. These guys send me curated lists every Monday for my Business. They are giving me the best leads for software and technology companies. I’ve only subscribed to these industries so, you’ll have to check with them and see if they offer Lead Generation for Real Estate.

Both the tools are subscription-based and have just one plan, which is $99/month, flat. No matter how much your'e using, how many leads you generate, how many mails you have sent it's always the same price and no surprises.

There are also other methods you can try like Facebook Ads, Google Ads (I have had best ROI with G Ads), Zillow, Hunter, Snov.io… But one reason I am not recommending all these is that, they just upsell a lot and not beneficial in the long run.

If you don’t want to spend any money on software or tools, you have your option for that as well. Let’s see:

and BTW this is for people offering Quality Services and not the Shitty ones. If you’re offering shitty services no method will work, sorry, please upgrade!

Offline Lead Generation:

  • If you're new, this is probably where you’ll have to start. Which is the people you already know. Your friends, family, your colleagues, and so on. These people know you and they trust you. Start with them and take it from there.
  • From the above point, you now understand you need to be trustable. Build your trust in your community. That’s a strong foundation. Develop meaningful relationships first and don’t expect leads to come in. Not yet, leads will come to you eventually.
  • Build your local network. There are various Meet and Greet groups that can be found across Social Media, Business Websites/Forums, and Dedicated Meet and Greet websites. Meet and Greets are simple, you just have to meet and greet, that’s it! Offer value to the people you meet. It is again about making a connection and building trust.
  • Of course, most people just set up Facebook ads, watch their leads as they come in, and reach out to their leads. This will only last as long as they have funds to fund their ads. Shut off Facebook [for now, we’ll see online strategies later (that time we’ll turn it back on)].
  • Go out talk to your neighbors. Literally, talk to everyone. Next time, you visit your barber talk to him as well. You’ll never know where your next lead will come from. So talk.
  • After doing all this, do it again. See whether the people you're with need your service/product or not. And don’t sell, that’ll ruin the relationship you built. Be genuine and help them if they need your service.
  • After following all this, you can sit back and relax for some. At this level of quality in your service. “Word of mouth” will do the job from now on. And that’s why I said you need to provide quality service.

Online Lead Generation: (I’ll keep this one short)

  • Do get the best Lead Generation Tool you can afford.
  • Do Facebook Ads. or just network on Facebook (Facebook Groups, Pages, etc)
  • Do Google Ads.
  • Do LinkedIn Ads. I have seen Real Estate Agents getting Sales-ready leads from LinkedIn just by using LinkedIn to prospect. You can go a step further with ads, just know that, if LinkedIn ads are not set up right, it might be heavy on costs.
  • Invest in a good CRM, Pipedrive? This needs to be done for offline methods also because leads leak out from your pipeline! Keep track. We use a custom developed CRM for our business and has served us well.
  • Engage, Nurture, and build new/existing relationships.

When you do it paid, it’s pretty much works in a short time. When you take the free/I won’t spend money route, it’ll need some time to be dedicated but if done well, this route will reward you with the best ROI and present a highly scalable option.

 At Netly Digital, a division of our company, we provide B2B services and have helped businesses succeed. Feel free to contact us. We can maybe setup a free consultation for you, you get to grow your business from there. Let’s see what’s working.

All the best.

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